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88% of children who drowned were under the supervision of a family member.

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Great service. Great product. Now our kids can't get into the pool unless we unlock the gate. And the Turtle Gate alarm is an added safety! We love it! — Erika, La Quinta

"We appreciated Pool Safety's Survey during the estimate appointment. We learned a lot from the Safety Survey! We feel good about our choice to go with Kid Safe Pools! We would recommend them without hesitation." — Ruth, Yorba Linda

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Water Safety = Child Safety

Information You Can't Live Without

Drowning Is Preventable!

A swimming pool, spa, fountain or pond can be a great addition to the family home. Whether it is a newly built pool or an existing pool, your next order of business is safety.


88% of children who drowned were under the supervision of a family member. When you have a water feature in your yard, supervision is defined not only by being in the care of another individual, but by having the child in your direct line of sight. Adults need to actively supervise children around water.

If a child is missing anywhere in or around your house or yard, always check the pool first. Seconds count!

Drowning Prevention Pool Safety Tips

Pool Barriers — the Removable Pool Fence
A Pool Safety Systems fence

Make sure you have a barrier between your pool and all access points from your home. A removable Kid Safe Pools Fence has proven to be the safest barrier you can provide to protect your children, along with active adult supervision. The optional Safety Turtle Gate and Wrist Alarm system adds even more protection!

Pool Barriers — Safety Nets and Pool Covers

These are good barriers as well but we prefer to use these as a secondary layer of protection, in addition to the Safety Fence. When the net or cover is off the pool, there is no protection. The fence is always there and the added feature of the gate alarm is even more added security.

Designated Pool Watcher

How many times have we heard in the news that a child drowned in a swimming pool or even a spa during a party or family get-together? Too many times. The designated pool watcher is not a participant in the festivities. Whether it is a hired individual or a family or friend volunteer, a Designated Pool Watcher is doing just that — watching the pool, watching the children. Nothing else!

Toys Left in the Pool

Never leave a ball or any other toy floating in the pool. Tragedies have occurred when a child gets to a pool area unattended and they reach out to grab the toy, fall in and the rest is tragic silence and then heartbreak.

Layers of Protection

We have already listed a safety fence here. There are other options you can add to this barrier. Such as an emersion alarm (see the Turtle Safety Alarm on our website) which can be added to our gate. There is an added double-layer of protection with a Safety Net or Safety Cover in addition to the Safety Fence. There are door and window alarms for your home as well as making locks on doors higher where a child cannot reach it.

Swimming Lessons

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests a child should learn how to swim at the age of 4. There are many drowning prevention organizations, such as Swim for Life, which suggest that a child should learn to swim earlier than the age of 4 for utmost safety. Be aware. If your child knows how to swim, it does not mean he or she is safe unattended near a pool or spa area. The shock of falling into water by accident can disorient the child. It is easy to panic and forget what to do to save themselves.


Do you know what to do in an emergency? What if a child suddenly started to choke? Are you confident you know what to do? If you do not know where to learn CPR, contact and we will find an option for you in your area.

Nothing Can Take the Place of Active Adult Supervision

Do you have:
  • A phone at poolside so that you never have to leave the pool to answer the phone, and can call for help if needed.
  • Certification in adult/child CPR and rescue breathing.
  • A lifesaving ring, shepherd's hook.
  • Reminder CPR instructions mounted at poolside.
  • As many layers of protection as possible?

Call Kid Safe Pools for options: 866-655-7233 or email for your choices.

If a child is missing anywhere in or around your house or yard... always check the pool first. Seconds can be a matter of life or heartbreak!

Kid Safe Pools is proud to be a Sponsor of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance. We are looking forward to participating in the Alliance's activities for their ongoing Education Committee during 2007-2008.

Kid Safe Pools promotes Swim for Life's Safer 3 Program. See our Kids Page which includes a printable picture for your children to color and learn from. It promotes SAFER 3 — a multi-layered approach to drowning prevention. Safer Water, Safer Kids, Safer Response are the three elements of the Safer 3 program.