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What you need to know

No matter what products we choose, nothing can take the place of direct adult supervision.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"We just had the pool installed and the water was in. I needed something really good and really fast. Something to look good and still be safe. We found the answer with Pool Safety Systems." — Thomas, Newport Beach

"I agreed to have the Pool Safety Systems display at our Pool and Spa Store because we've referred customers to them and they always do a neat, clean and professional installation. They have a good reliable product." — Pool & Spa Store Owner, Orange County

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Pool Safety Nets

A safety net can be installed on a pool, spa, fountain or pond.

The net can be installed in almost any situation where other options might be limited. A net can go over stone boulders, pool slides, fountain walls, steps. The net can be as creative as your hardscape!

The net is tightly tensioned across the pool and can hold a small child off the water.

The net can safely hold a few hundred pounds of weight.

ASTM approved 3-1/2" squares.

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A small child or toddler cannot get under the net if it is tightened and secured correctly.

Over mount or under mount installation available.

A central tensioning unit for pools allows you to pull the net very tight for utmost safety.

Nets can make all water features safe without losing their aesthetic beauty.

Remember: If you are building a new pool, check with your building inspector to learn if they will accept the Safety Net. Most cities prefer the Safety Fence with Safety Gate. It's best to learn this information prior to getting an estimate.

If you have an existing pool, it is your choice which drowning prevention product is best suited for your family's needs — the Safety Net, the Loop-Loc Cover or the Safety Fence with Gate.

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Fence or Cover?

If you are having trouble deciding, call our caring Customer Service department and we will do our best to answer your questions to help you decide. We will also share other customers' stories with you and this may help make the choice easier.

Consider the following:

You are a parent or grandparent or any other caregiver and you have two or three children in the pool area. Are you going to be alone with three toddlers most of the day? Suppose one child needs to use the restroom and you need to accompany that small toddler. If you are alone, you will need to take all the children with you and keep them with you or at least within your eyesight at all times while in the restroom with the other child because your cover is off the pool.

You will not have the time to put the cover back on the pool. So you obviously can't leave the children near the pool or out of vision. Same condition if any other occasion should arise such as a telephone call or anything which might call your attention away from the pool.

The convenience of the Safety Fence is that you can close and lock the gate and know that you've blocked access to the pool. Of course supervision is always the best course of safety!

It really is a personal decision for each family.

Kid Safe Pools offers the Safety Fence, the Safety Net and the Loop-Loc Cover.

Choose the best safety option for your family!

Drowning is preventable!
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